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Biological Resources Centres (BRC or biobanks) collect annotated biological samples from various sources (human, animal, plant, bacteria...). The type of samples depends on the collection and the associated thematic (DNA, proteins, cells, tissues, blood, serum, organisms...). The aims of these centres are to collect, to store, to transform and to distribute the biological samples. They constitute a vital infrastructure for life science and health researches.

I3-CRB acronym means "Infrastructure Informatique Interopérable pour les CRB".

The long-term aim of the I3-CRB project is to improve data and sample exchanges and to facilitate large scale analysis of data by improving interoperability of French BRC IT systems and biological databases. The work done in this project will be linked to other national (IBiSA, ANR, Réseau des Biobanques, Club 3C-R), european (BBMRI, ELIXIR) or international project (P3G).

In a preliminary phase (2009-2010), the project will
  • evaluate current IT infrastructure of French BRCs
  • developp a
    of French BRCs
  • organize meetings about IT interoperability for French BRCs
    • I3-CRB, Biobanks: Interoperability, Databases and Ontologies, 22nd-23rd Novembre 2010, Lille - France
    • I3-CRB, Biobanques: Interoperabilité, Bases de données et Ontologie , 25 Novembre 2009, Lille - France
  • write a specifications and recommendations report about interoperability of French BRCs

Sincerely yours,

The I3-CRB team.

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